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13 Oct 2016
Create facebook account ~ Many people said that the process of creating a facebook account it is difficult, but basically they don't understand how to sign up for facebook.

For those of you who would like to become a member of facebook, then at this time I will post a variety of experience of how to make a facebook account via pc.

Speaking of Facebook, Facebook account nowadays indeed sorely needed, because facebook everyone can find new friends, find old friends, share photos or videos, play games and much more. Advances in technology of facebook has provided many conveniences for all of us, need something that we don't understand, we can ask the help of a friend on facebook, only by making the status then our friends on Facebook will give you the answer.

And then how to create a Facebook account or daftar facebook?

The following are the steps to make Facebook that you can follow using your PC and do not forget I, complete with how to sign on Facebook and how to sign out of Facebook, its purpose so that you can more easily when doing activities on Facebook

How To Create A Facebook Account

1. First please go to the sign-up page on facebook

2. After that, please enter your personal information in the columns available, you can follow the following example
  • First name : enter your first name
  • Surname : enter your last name
  • Next : enter mobile phone number or your email address
  • Next : Re-enter the mobile number or email address
  • New password : create a password as you want, at least 8 character combination of letters and numbers
  • Birthday : enter the day, month and year of your birth
  • Next : Please select your gender, by means of click female or male
  • After that please click Sign Up to continue
3. If you sign up using your mobile number, the next step you will be asked to enter a code that has been sent to your mobile number

4. Please enter the code you have received in your column that you have available, and then click Continue

5. Next, that your facebook account has been successful in confirmation, please click OK to continue

6. Next, you will be asked to add a friend, (you could add or pass this step by clicking Next at the bottom)

7. Next, you will be on your head towards your home page facebook, it means that the process of registering a facebook account has been completed and you can already use the FB account.


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